The History

Howard Kerr:

In 2007 the resilient Howard Kerr was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Howard decided to raise money to fight the disease that sadly he would eventually succumb to, by walking large distances with friends.

Each year, around 7,000 men and women in the UK are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a cancer that has the lowest survival rate of all cancers, with an average survival time after diagnosis of just six months. Howard knew that this cancer was a killer and he wanted to help fight it long after he passed – so he created Howard’s Way Walk.

As a direct consequence of the efforts of all involved the first Howard Kerr PHD Studentship Award has been granted to a student studying at the Institute of Cancer at Barts. The studentship is directed at finding ways to detect pancreatic cancer at an early stage via proteins in the body.

To date the Kerr PHD Studentship research has shown that there is a molecule on the surface of most pancreatic cancer cells, called alpha-v beta-6 (called avb6), that is not expressed on normal pancreatic cells nor on most other normal tissues.

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